Forensic data recovery and electronic evidence services electronic discovery plans with evidence processing using proprietary technology and investigation analysis reports expert forensic witness testimony. Our forensic electronic discovery expertise wins cases.

forensic recovery electronic forensics data recovery forensic data recovery electronic forensics computer data evidence processing and computer data recovery
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  forensic recovery electronic forensics data recovery forensic data recovery electronic forensics computer data evidence processing and computer data recovery  

When valuable computer data stored on a disk, drive or tape, is corrupted or lost...

911ForensicData can recover your computer data information, files, records and database.

Data can be corrupted by damage to the physical media (e.g. hard drive, floppy disk, cd's, magnetic tapes, portable media units, etc... ). Physical damage can be caused by; water, fire, exposure to heat, physical breakage, magnetic fields and other possible physical causes of damage.

Data can be corrupted or lost by; computer viruses, hard drive malfuntion, system malfuntion, computer hacking or intrusion by an outside source, accidental deletion, and computer or network repair performed by an unqualified computer technician.

911ForensicData is able to recover all the remaining data still accessible on the media unit, even though it's damaged, and piece it all together again. In some cases we can even use this recovered data to recreate the lost data.

Depending on which media unit type was being used, the type and extent of damage caused, and the company chosen to recover the data, at least some data should be recoverable, ( if not all ), of your important computer information, files, records and database.

It is crucial to make the right selection when it comes to choosing a company that will perform the important task of recovering your valuable data. Many companies claim to do data recovery with expertise, but there are a select few who have the knowledge and experience to recover data correctly!

911ForensicData can assure you that our data recovery process, technicians and systems engineers are the best in the data recovery field. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to entrust your data recovery work to us.

A Clean Room or Contolled Room Environment ...

A Clean room or Controlled room environment is a work area with controlled temperature and humidity to protect sensitive equipment from contamination. It contains plastic walls and ceilings, external lighting, and there is a continuous influx of clean, dust-free air. The room should be cleaned daily to prevent contamination.

Most data recovery labs at least have a class 100 or better Clean room to perform even the most basic recovery procedures. We have a CLASS 10 Bench environment. Any physically damaged hard disk must be recovered in a clean room or controlled enviroment. If a Clean room is not used when recoveing data from a hard drive, contaminants can settle on the platters. After a hard disk platter has become contaminated, the heads can catch on these particles, more or less sanding the platter surface. This can result in data loss.

Hard Disk Drives are extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment. The media inside the Head Disk Assembly (or HDA) spins from 4,500 RPM to more than 10,000 RPM, this allows the heads to travel above the media on a film of air. Any foreign object or debris that comes into contact with the Hard Disk Assembly ( dust, contaminents, micro-particals ) can destroy data or render the drive useless by causing a head crash.

Class 100 Clean Room or Controlled Room Environment is essential for competent data recovey and prevents further damage to the vital data on your Hard Disk Assembly. The state-of-the-art advanced HEPA Filtration in our Clean Room environment eliminates all foreign objects and debris that can contaminate your drive so that we can recover your data in the correct, professional and responsible procedure.

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forensic data recovery electronic forensics computer data